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Parcel data information is available to the public for free on our website. On this page there are several file options to download parcel information. Please note that our office does not create custom queries.The various options allow individuals to create their own custom queries and/or filter information to their specific needs.

This page contains the most recent certified data to the Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR).

Please read the Data Query/Request document in order to select the best data download file format for your needs.The Access and Text Delimited files are zipped and will need to be extracted before using them. For assistance downloading files from our website or working with programs mentioned please contact your Information Technology professional as our office is unable to provide support.


Database Download for General Use

This file contains our most recently certified data to the FDOR. It contains information for all real property parcels in our county, to include,  ownership data, addresses, exemptions, most recent sales transfer information* and general property characterisitics. The file is updated nightly.

Additional tabs in the Excel file provide code information for the user (subdivision code, property use code, neighborhood code etc).

  1. SCPA Public.xlsx - Microsoft Excel Format

Parcel and Sales Database Download

Year 2000 to Present -These files contains our most recently certified data to the FDOR (based on a date of valuation of January 1st every year),to include, ownership data, addresses, exemptions, and property characterisitics. The file also contains sales transfer information*. The file is updated nightly. Click here to view the data tables and file layout.

  1. - Microsoft Access 2000 Format
  2. - Text Delimited Format

Historical Database Download

Year 1999 and previous years - The file contains sales transfer information* for years 1999 and back in our real property database.  Click here to view the data tables and file layout.

  1. - Microsoft Access 2000 Format
  2. - Text Delimited Format

Detailed Database Download

FILE FOR ADVANCED USERS -This file contains our most recently certified data to the FDOR (based on a date of valuation of January 1st every year), to include, ownership data, addresses, exemptions, sales transfer information* and detailed structural elements. The file is updated nightly.

NOTE: This file is for advanced users only. Our office is unable to assist you with instructions on how to download and/or what software to choose to download files from our website.

  1. - Text Delimited Format

 * The information does not represent a complete title chain.


NAL Tax Roll

The NAL (Name, Address and Legal) file corresponds to the data used to extend the Certification of the Sarasota County Assessment Rolls. Official tax roll file submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue on October 4, 2017.

The information in the download files is extracted from the records of the Sarasota County Property Appraiser's office. Although our goal is to provide the most accurate information available, no warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data, its use or interpretation.

Sarasota County NAL

NAL File Layout from DOR