Non-Ad Valorem & Special Assessment Districts

The Truth-in-Millage Notice (TRIM Notice) our office mails out every August contains proposed property taxes (ad valorem taxes) and proposed or adopted non-ad valorem assessments.  Non-ad valorem assessments are not based on property value. Instead, they are based on a unit of measure determined by each levying authority. The assesment periods vary and may not be based on the calendar year. Examples of non-ad valorem assessments include: fire and rescue, solid waste, navigable waterways, and stormwater utility collections.

In Sarasota County, not all non-ad valorem or special assessment districts choose to use the TRIM Notice. Therefore, additional non-ad valorem assessments may appear on your tax bill. For questions about non-ad valorem and special assessments, contact each individual leavying authority.

2017 Non-ad Valorem Assessments Calendar

Data files

Update monthly, each Microsoft Excel file includes the owner(s) name, owner address, property address, legal description, exemptions and subdivision code.

Formatted for Microsoft Excel 2000 and Greater

  1. Blackburn Creek CDD (I108)
  2. Bobcat Trail CDD (I099)
  3. Englewood Fire (F092)
  4. Englewood Water
  5. Floribanna Sumter Garden (I050)
  6. Glen Oaks (I107)
  7. Holiday Park (P089)
  8. Lakeside Plantation CDD (I100)
  9. LBK Underground Utilities (I112)
  10. LBK Underground Utilities (I113)
  11. Myakka Ranch CDD (I110)
  12. Sarasota National CDD (I106)
  13. St. Armands Circle (I096)
  14. Stoneybrook Venice CDD (I104)
  15. Toscana Isles CDD (I109)
  16. Tri Par Estates (P065)
  17. Venetian CDD (I101)
  18. West Village Improvement (I102)
  19. Woodlands CDD (I103)
  20. 47 Adams Parking Garage (I111)