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Most services and transactions can be completed through our website at any time. You can apply for an exemption, change your address, make an inquiry about your property or email our team.

Submission of Homestead/Exemptions documents: please submit your documents by emailing them to our Customer Service department. 

You can also contact us through email, phone or physical mail. 


Inspections & Property Imagery

Virtual Property Inspections

To help navigate these uncertain times and to protect the health and safety of property owners and our staff, we are offering the option for virtual inspections in place of an in-person inspection.  Inspections are a necessary step in the appraisal process to accurately record the property characteristics of your home, particularly after new construction or remodeling.  Before COVID-19, appraisers physically went to properties to collect this data.  The virtual option will allow you to collect the data we require via photographs and avoid the need for an appraiser to be present for the inspection.  All you need is a smartphone or tablet.  A link will be sent to you for our virtual inspection program called Property Assist with instructions on how to proceed.  Photographs will be stored for 30 days and then deleted to maintain confidentiality of images of the interior of your property.  We hope you will take advantage of this option. 

Inspections are required for properties with recent building permits, recently sold properties or at the request of the property owner to verify a deficiency or condition impacting value.  For more information, please contact our team through our Contact a Department form


Street-level Imaging Project

The need for current property imagery in the appraisal process has never been more critical than in these uncertain times.  As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, our office is expanding the use of technology to meet the needs of Sarasota County property owners in the safest way possible.  To this end, we have contracted with iLookabout, Inc. to collect street-level images for each property in the county.  The project will take place in October and November of this year.  

iLookabout drivers will be canvassing the county in clearly marked vans with cameras mounted on the roof. Images will only be taken from the public roadways.  They will not enter private driveways, with the exception of certain commercial properties using private access roads or parking areas. 

Any questions regarding this project should be directed to Melissa Lombardo at, or by calling 941-861-8211.