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Most services and transactions can be completed through our website at any time. You can apply for an exemption, change your address, make an inquiry about your property or email our team.

Submission of Homestead/Exemptions documents: please submit your documents by emailing them to our Customer Service department. 

You can also contact us through email, phone or physical mail. 


COVID-19 & 2021 Values

The Sarasota County Property Appraiser’s Office is governed by the Florida ConstitutionFlorida Statutes, and the Rules and Regulations of the Florida Department of Revenue.  Accordingly, our office establishes the just value of your property as it existed on January 1, 2021. Our value estimates attempt to reflect any improvements or changes to the property, as well as account for market fluctuations during 2020 leading up to the January 1, 2021 date of value.

Impacts as a result of COVID-19 will be considered for the January 1, 2021 property valuation.

To establish market (just) value in any given year, our appraisers continually monitor market transactions and trends.  Any fluctuation in sales prices and other market indicators such as vacancy, collection loss, interest rates and risk that have occurred in 2020 will be reflected as of the January 1, 2021 valuation.  If you believe your property value has been impacted by COVID-19, please contact us at the number below.

By late August, you will receive your Truth in Millage (TRIM) Notice in the mail, after the taxing authorities have established the millage (tax) rates for 2021. This is an important document as it will detail:

  • The assessed value of your property as it was estimated on January 1, 2021
  • The taxable value of your property (the assessed value minus any exemptions)
  • The proposed millage (tax) rates of the taxing authorities (such as municipalities, school district, etc.).
  • A calendar of Public Hearings that you may attend to voice any concerns or ask additional questions directly to the taxing authorities.
  • The proposed amount of property tax you may owe when your tax bill is sent to you in November by the Tax Collector.

If you disagree with the market (just) value established by our office, we encourage you to call (941) 861-8200 to speak to the appraiser for your property to discuss the value and how we arrived at it.