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Download Data

Parcel data information is available to the public on our website free of charge. If your search requires to review all properties or a subset of all properties in our county, you can download our database and run a search/filter/query for the data you are seeking.   Our office does not create custom queries or run custom reports. We do make our database available online for your use.

The various options below allow users to create their own custom queries and/or filter information to their specific needs. Please read our Data Query/Request Options page for details. 

For assistance downloading files from our website or working with programs mentioned please contact your Information Technology professional as our office is unable to provide support.

§ 119.071, F.S. - General exemptions from inspection or copying of public records - On 4/26/2019, the Governor of Florida signed into law the 2019 Florida Legislature Senate Bill 248. This bill amends § 119.071(4), F.S. Per the new law, "home addresses" shall mean the dwelling location at which an individual resides and includes the physical address, mailing address, street address, parcel identification number, plot identification number, legal property description, neighborhood name, lot number, GPS coordinates, and any other descriptive property record information that may reveal the home addresses. Because of this change in the law, the tax roll data files produced by this office will not contain information for parcels/owners that are protected from public records pursuant § 119.071, F.S.

Files Available for Download

Database Download for General Use

This file contains property characteristics data plus values from our most recently certified tax roll to the FDOR. Data includes:  ownership data, addresses, exemptions, and general property characteristics.

Additional tabs in the Excel file provide code information for the user (subdivision code, property use code, neighborhood code etc).

SCPA Public.xlsx - Microsoft Excel Format


Parcel and Sales Database Download

Year 2000 to Current Certified Roll -These files contain property characteristics data plus values from our most recently certified tax roll to the FDOR. Data includes: ownership, addresses, exemptions, property characteristics, plus, the file contains sales transfer information* from year 2000 to present. - Microsoft Access 2000 Format - Text Delimited Format


Detailed Database Download

FILE FOR ADVANCED USERS -This file contains detailed property characteristics data plus values from our most recently certified tax roll to the FDOR. 

NOTE: This file is for advanced users only. Our office is unable to assist you with instructions on how to download and/or what software to choose to download files from our website. - Text Delimited Format


Historical Database Download

Year 1999 and previous years - These files contain historic sales transfer information* in our real property database up to year 1999. - Microsoft Access 2000 Format - Text Delimited Format

 * The information does not represent a complete title chain.


NAL Tax Roll

The NAL (Name, Address and Legal) file corresponds to the data used to extend the Certification of the Sarasota County Assessment Rolls. The official tax roll file was submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue on September 28, 2018.

The Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR) publishes each county's roll on their website. To view and/or download the Sarasota County NAL, please visit the FDOR's Assessment Roll and GIS Data page.


Millage Rates

Millage rates are determined by each taxing authority after creating their budgets and conducting public meetings. The document below contains each millage rate by tax district. Millage districts are geographical areas that comprise a specific group of tax levies. The geographical areas are also determined by each taxing authority as part of the resolution creating the levy.

Millage Rates 7.18