TRIM Notices Mailed on August 17th

The 2018 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes and Proposed or Adopted Non-Ad Valorem Assessments (TRIM Notices) were mailed on August 17th.

Please review your TRIM Notice as soon as you receive it to ensure all the information is correct. Be aware that there is a deadline to file a Value Adjustment Board petition.

Included with the notice will be our 2018 Supplement newsletter which contains information about property valuation and exemptions affecting taxpayers in Sarasota County.

As always, the Property Appraiser's office is ready to answer any of your value or exemption questions. Please remember that our office does not set the millage rates, adopt budgets or collect taxes. If your questions concern any of those issues, please contact the taxing authority listed in the notice. Their meeting dates, locations and times are printed on the back side of the form.





2017 Tax Roll Certification

Pursuant to Section 193.122 Florida Statutes, Bill Furst, Property Appraiser of Sarasota County, hereby gives notice that the 2017 Real Property and Tangible Personal Property Assessment Rolls for Sarasota County were recertified to the Tax Collector on the 7th day of May, 2018 for the collection of taxes.

Additional Homestead Exemption Estimator

A homestead exemption estimator is now available to determine if property owners will benefit from the proposed additional $25,000 homestead exemption (Amendment 1) that will be on the November 2018 ballot.

The 3rd Homestead Exemption Estimator tool allows a property owner to select their county and enter their address to find out how much, if any, their property may benefit if the constitutional amendment passes. The web search tool can be accessed at

SCPA publishes its 2017 Annual Report

Our 2017 Annual Report contains information on the current and historic trends for values in Sarasota County. View our 2017 Annual Report.

Flood Zone Information Now Displays on Property Record Information pages

Our office has teamed up with the Sarasota County Government's Public Utilities department to make important flood zone information readily available to the public on our website.

Sarasota County residents can now view flood zone information for their property by using our Property Search tool. The flood zone information is displayed on each property record information page. Flood zone related questions should be directed to Sarasota County Government.

2017 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM) Notices

The 2017 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes and Proposed or Adopted Non-Ad Valorem Assessments (TRIM Notices) have been mailed to Sarasota County property owners. You can view a copy of your TRIM Notice by going to our Property Search page and searching for your property.

Please review your TRIM Notice as soon as you receive it as it contains property value, exemption and proposed property tax information as well as the deadline to file Value Adjustment Board petitions.

The TRIM Supplement provides useful information on values, a guide to the TRIM Notice, and non-ad valorem assessment contacts for districts who use TRIM for assessment fee notifications.

We encourage you to contact us with questions you may have regarding the valuation of your property and exemption qualifications.  As a reminder, our office does not set the millage rates, adopt budgets or collect taxes. If your questions concern ad valorem or non-ad valorem fees please contact the appropriate taxing authority listed in the notice.

2017 SCPA Midyear Values Update

Our 2017 Midyear Update contains a summary of values and counts from the preliminary 2017 Sarasota County tax roll.  View our 2017 Midyear Update.

Short-Term Rentals and Homestead Exemption Fraud

Property owners who benefit from the homestead exemption and who are considering renting all or a portion of their homesteaded property risk losing their exemption. The Sarasota County Property Appraiser advises residents to be aware of the law before deciding to rent their property.

“With the rise in the number of visitors coming to the area and the popularity of homesharing and home rental companies as alternatives to traditional lodging, we are advising property owners to become informed on how renting their property can negatively impact their homestead exemption; and ultimately, reduce or eliminate their property tax savings”, said Bill Furst, Sarasota County Property Appraiser.

Renting all or a portion of your homesteaded property may result in the disapproval of the homestead exemption, along with a 50% penalty and 15% interest for any year or years the property was rented within the prior 10 years.

Short-term rentals are only one of the various status changes that can impact the homestead exemption. Mr. Furst urges property owners to visit the Homestead Fraud page for more information, or to contact his office with questions on this important subject.

2017 CPI and Save Our Homes

The property appraiser assesses all property at just value each year on January 1. When you acquire new real property, the assessed value of the property "resets" to equal the just (market) value.

If the new property owner has applied for and has been approved to receive the homestead exemption, the Save Our Homes cap is placed on the assessed value of the property the year after the property received the homestead exemption. This means that if the just value of the property increases, your next year assessed value cannot increase more than 3% or the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is less. For 2017, the CPI is 2.1%.

If the property does not benefit from a homestead exemption, the assessed value increase is limited to 10% each year.