Qualification Codes

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Number of Results 36

19Trustees in bankruptcy,executors,guardians,receive
43Transfer is allocated part of bulk transaction
30Transactions involving affiliated parties
40Transactions - non-market financing
36Transaction involving atypical cost of sale
38Sale under extreme circumstances(forced,duress)
02Sale qualified as a result of evidence
01Sale qualified as a result of deed examination
99Sale qualification decision pending
04Qualified sale but legal changed
03Qualified sale but characteristics changed
0Qualified (Pre 1/1/2009)
06Qualified - single parcel crosses county line
05Qualified - multiple parcels
39Price verified different than stamp price
32Pre-construction sale
X3Pre-2009 Disqualified transactions
X2Pre-2009 Disqualified Multi-parcel
37Not exposed to open market or parties not informed
33Incomplete or unbuilt common property
98Erroneous sale or instrument errors
1Disqualified By Deed Examination (Pre 1/1/2009)
12Deeds to or from financial institutions
20Deeds to or executed by utility companies
31Deeds involving a trade or exchange of land
35Deeds including non-typical amts of personal prop.
16Deeds conveying partial interest
13Deeds conveying cemetery lots or parcels
17Deeds - religious, charitable or benevolent entity
14Deeds - life estate interest
18Deeds - federal, state or local government agency
34Deed recording satisfaction or payment in full
11Corrective, quit claim, tax deed, no consideration
21Contract for deed, agreement for deed
15Consideration indeterminable -(Pre 1/1/2012 )