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Property Record Information for 0949139303


Vacant Land

Extra Features
There are no extra features associated with this parcel
YearLandBuildingExtra FeatureJustAssessedExemptionsTaxableCap
Current Exemptions
There are no exemptions associated with this parcel
Sales & Transfers
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Transfer DateRecorded ConsiderationInstrument NumberQualification CodeGrantor/SellerInstrument Type
2/19/2015$9,000201502246337ROCK IT HOMES LLC WD
12/1/2014$10,000201414694837STRIBULA HERMA WD
4/4/1990$1002230/79911STRIBULA STEPHENPR
Associated Tangible Accounts
There are no associated tangible accounts for this parcel
Property record information last updated on: 12/8/2018
FEMA Flood Zone (Data provided by Sarasota County Government as of 12/3/2018)
FIRM PanelFloodwaySFHAFlood Zone **CommunityBase Flood Elevation (ft)CFHA *

* If your property is in a SFHA or CFHA, use the map to determine if the building footprint is within the flood area.
** For more information on flood and flood related issues specific to this property, call (941) 240-8050
For general questions regarding the flood map, call (941) 861-5000.