Property Record Information for 2026160065

Situs - click address for building detailsBldg #BedsBathsHalf BathsYear BuiltEff Yr BuiltGross AreaLiving AreaStories
1800 2ND ST SARASOTA, FL, 342361046019861990546,315263,9509
Extra Features
line #Building NumberDescriptionUnitsUnit TypeYear
11Elevator - Commercial9EA1986
21Parking Spaces516EA1986
YearLandBuildingExtra FeatureJustAssessedExemptionsTaxableCap
Current Exemptions
There are no exemptions associated with this parcel
Sales & Transfers
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Transfer DateRecorded ConsiderationInstrument NumberQualification CodeGrantor/SellerInstrument Type
3/15/2010$100201003448411SPECTOR TTEE,HEATHER FWD
1/1/2006$100200600503811SPECTOR,RONALD LPR
Associated Tangible Accounts
Account NumberBusiness TypeOwner
B0020200460541219 - Other Accounting ServicesMILLER & MILLER PA CPAS
B0020200245522292 - Real Estate CreditNORTHPOINTE BANK
B0020190557522292 - Real Estate CreditUNION HOME MORTGAGE CORP
B0020190357511210 - Software PublishersCBOE SILEXX LLC
B0020180130541110 - Offices of LawyersSTOCKHAM LAW GROUP PA
B0020180001522110 - Commercial Banking1ST SOURCE BANK
B0020170093541110 - Offices of LawyersLAW OFFICES OF WELLS OLAH PA THE
B0020160705541110 - Offices of LawyersROKNICH LAW FIRM PA
B0020160696541110 - Offices of LawyersJEROME J SANCHY PA
B0020160573541330 - Engineering ServicesTAYLOR ENGINEERING INC
B0020160263561491 - Repossession ServicesOLIPHANT FINANCIAL LLC
B0020150381541110 - Offices of LawyersSCHMOYER MARJORIE
B0020150356541110 - Offices of LawyersSIMON DAVID PA
B0020140553531210 - Offices of Real Estate Agents and BrokersAMTRADE REALTY INTERNATIONAL LLC
B0020130340541110 - Offices of LawyersLAW OFFICE OF DANIEL MCKILLOP PL
B0020120446524127 - Direct Title Insurance CarriersCHICAGO TITLE INSURANCE CO
B0020120308561611 - Investigation ServicesMCFARLAND AND ASSOCIATES INC
B0020110333522110 - Commercial BankingBRANCH BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY
B0020100477523130 - Commodity Contracts DealingKINETIC SECURITIES TRADING LLC
B0020080839525920 - Trusts, Estates, and Agency AccountsSABAL TRUST COMPANY
B0020071125541110 - Offices of LawyersMERYL CONTE CLAYTON PA
B0020070451541110 - Offices of LawyersLAW OFFICES OF WELLS OLAH PA THE
B0020060240523930 - Investment AdviceCOUTURE FINANCIAL INC
B0020050607541110 - Offices of LawyersTHOMAS M TUCKER PA
B0020050588541199 - All Other Legal ServicesGEORGE H MAZZARANTANI PA
B0020050386541512 - Computer Systems Design ServicesXL TECHNOLOGIES LLC
B0020050335541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical ServicesUNIROYAL ENGRD PRODUCTS LLC
B0020050030541110 - Offices of LawyersSCOTT NEIL W ATTY AT LAW
B0020030226523930 - Investment AdviceHAMMOND ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC
B0020020970541110 - Offices of LawyersDAVID A STEVES CHARTERED
B0020020954541110 - Offices of LawyersCOLLINS LAW GROUP PA THE
B0020001009531190 - Lessors of Other Real Estate PropertyUS ASSETS GROUP III LLC
B0020000993541110 - Offices of LawyersMICHAEL B BROWN PA
B0020000504541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical ServicesPHILANTHROPY MANAGEMENT INC
B0009900614541110 - Offices of LawyersLAW OFF OF JAMES D GIBSON PA
B0009800887524210 - Insurance Agencies and BrokeragesFARHAT FINANCIAL SERVICES INC
B0009800886531390 - Other Activities Related to Real EstateSDR DEVELOPMENT INC
B0009700932541110 - Offices of LawyersCHRISTOPHER A LIKENS PA
B0009605258541199 - All Other Legal ServicesVINCENT M LUCENTE & ASSOCIATES INC
B0009600538541110 - Offices of LawyersDIANNE D HAGAN PA
B0009600436531390 - Other Activities Related to Real EstateLAYTON & COMPANY INC
B0009600421541110 - Offices of LawyersMACLEOD MCGINNESS & BOWMAN PA
B0009500609541110 - Offices of LawyersLINDA E GRIFFIN PA
B0009402001531390 - Other Activities Related to Real EstateU S ASSETS GROUP INC
B0009301896561990 - All Other Support ServicesSELBY FOUNDATION
B0009300674541219 - Other Accounting ServicesPELLEGRINO HONICK MCFARLAND & MILLER PA
B0009202663523130 - Commodity Contracts DealingSCOULAR COMPANY THE
B0009202112541110 - Offices of LawyersO'BRIEN & BENNETT PA
B0009102834541110 - Offices of LawyersROBERT P WATROUS CHARTERED
B0008902218541110 - Offices of LawyersPARKER LAW PA
B0008902072561492 - Court Reporting and Stenotype ServicesUS LEGAL SUPPORT INC
B0008901455541110 - Offices of LawyersMICHAEL HRIC PA
B0008600153541110 - Offices of LawyersJEFFREY A KING PA
B0008501083531120 - Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses)SPECTOR BUILDING
B0008200295541110 - Offices of LawyersBEHRENFELD WILLIAM H ATTY
Property record information last updated on: 9/27/2020
FEMA Flood Zone (Data provided by Sarasota County Government as of 9/21/2020)

Different portions of a property can be in different flood zones. Please click on MAP link below to see the flood zones.

FIRM PanelFloodwaySFHAFlood Zone **CommunityBase Flood Elevation (ft)CFHA *

* If your property is in a SFHA or CFHA, use the map to determine if the building footprint is within the flood area.
** For more information on flood and flood related issues specific to this property, call (941) 954-4127
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