Tax Estimator Disclaimer

This tax estimation tool is intended to assist new home buyers, loan underwriters, mortgage lenders, and escrow agents by providing a more realistic estimate of property taxes for a new owner for the first tax year (Jan. 1) following their acquisition. The estimate is based upon the information you provide, and is only as accurate as the information entered. Its results are only an approximation of taxes. The estimator does not and will not provide actual taxes.

This Tax Estimator is based on the following assumptions:

  • Valid for Real Property Only, not Tangible Personal Property.
  • Assumes Just/Market Value at 89% of Purchase Price of Subject Property or at current Just/Market Value, whichever is greater, and assumes no physical additions to the property (new construction) in the year of purchase.
  • Assumes the purchase is a qualified, arm's length transaction reflective of typical market conditions.
  • Assumes the owner and property will be eligible for homestead exemption if you select "Yes" in either Step 3 or 4, but provides no guarantee of eligibility.
  • This estimation tool does not account for partial homestead use or interests. Available input selections are for 100% or 0% homestead only.
  • The maximum portability benefit that can be transferred is $500,000.
  • This estimation tool does not take into account any additional exemptions such as Widow/Widower, Veteran, Disability, Senior, First Responder, etc... Please contact us at (941) 861-8200 regarding the eligibility and impact of these exemptions.
  • The estimator utilizes the most recently certified millage rates, typically from the preceding year. Increases in millage rates may further increase taxes.
  • Portability calculation assumes that a qualified homestead existed as of the most recent Jan. 1st and utilizes values presented on our website at the time of estimation tool use. Please note these are not typically the final figures used when your application is processed.
  • Non-Ad Valorem Assessments are based on those most recently assessed to the Subject Parcel being estimated. These assessments are subject to change and may be higher or lower in the next tax year.

Your use of this estimator and its data constitutes your admission and agreement that you have read and understand the above assumptions, intent and limitations; and that you will hold harmless the Sarasota County Property Appraiser and its employees from any and all mistakes, misuse, and misunderstandings. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the accuracy of the data or calculations, its use, or its interpretation.