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Career Opportunities

We’re glad you’re considering the Sarasota County Property Appraiser as a prospective employer! Headquartered in the historic Terrace Building in Sarasota and with offices in Venice and North Port, the Sarasota County Property Appraiser's Office offers competitive salaries, an excellent benefits package which includes health & dental coverage, a deferred compensation plan, vehicle for business use, fitness facilities, Florida Retirement System plan, eleven (11) paid holidays, a generous paid time off system and more. We search for individuals who can accept change, challenge, and are committed to our community. Our motto "Serving our community with pride and accountability", is what we do best!


Veterans' Preference

Additional documentation must be submitted with your application to qualify for veterans’ preference. 


To apply

Applying for employment with our agency is now easier than ever. Simply follow the steps below:

Download and complete the Employment Application form (Fillable PDF) (you must have a PDF Reader installed to access the form). Be sure to answer all questions completely and to electronically sign and date where indicated. Save the completed form on your computer/device.

Next, click the yellow “Submit Application” button at the end of your completed form. This will prompt your default email program to create a new email automatically attaching the application. Please include your current resume with your completed application.

Email your completed application and resume to It’s that easy!

You can also fax your submission to (941) 861-8243, or mail/hand deliver to:

Sarasota County Property Appraiser

Attn: Human Resources

2001 Adams Lane

Sarasota, FL 34237


An EOE, including disability/veterans


Full-time Positions 

Commercial Appraiser

This is professional work in the mass appraisal of commercial real property in Sarasota County.  Activities include property inspection and collection of field and market data, research, organization, analysis, and interpretation of market data in order to establish just values for real property; discussions about and explanations of value with taxpayers, and preparation of single property assessment reviews for oral presentation in Value Adjustment Board public hearings or legal challenges to value.  Reports to the Commercial Valuation Director.


  • Analyze, appraise, and review commercial real property using standard appraisal practices and procedures; travel to property locations, measure, photograph and assemble necessary records and field data; work closely with property owners, builders and developers. This includes a competent understanding and application of the income, sales and cost approaches to value.
  • Input commercial property information into the Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal system (CAMA).  Utilize other software as needed, including GIS and Microsoft Office suite.
  • Understanding of generally accepted appraisal practice
  • Research, review, and verify vacant and improved sales. Review deeds, listings, sale surveys and other documents to determine if sales should be qualified. Determine and apply appropriate sale qualification codes.
  • Support values at Value Adjustment Board hearings. Assemble and organize data and analyses in preparation for depositions and testimony related to Circuit Court challenges.
  • Consult in person and by telephone with taxpayers and other representatives to resolve appraisal and administrative problems; explain assessment criteria; answer questions regarding property values, appraisal techniques and statutory requirements.
  • Assist with developing and maintaining commercial property valuation models including income modeling and CAMA adjustments.
  • Establish effective working relationships with staff and act professionally and courteously when dealing with the public, staff of other agencies, or co-workers.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Degree (Associates or Bachelors) from an accredited college or university in Real Estate, Finance, Economics or Business Administration, is preferred. High school or recognized equivalent required. Combination of education and appraisal experience commensurate to a degree may be considered.
  • Extensive experience appraising commercial property. Mass and single property appraisal experience is preferred. Progressive appraisal experience may be considered.
  • A minimum of five (5) years of varied technical appraisal experience and a CFE or related professional appraisal designation or state certification.
  • Required knowledge of highest and best use theory; must be able to utilize the income, cost and sales comparison approaches to determine market value of commercial properties.
  • Competent in the use of computers, databases, word processing and spreadsheets is required. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Marshall & Swift. Ability to comfortably and knowledgeably use Microsoft Outlook, Access and TEAMS.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must possess a valid Florida driver’s license.


Residential Appraiser

This is professional work in the mass appraisal of residential real property in Sarasota County.  Activities include property inspection and collection of field and market data, research, organization, analysis, and interpretation of market data in order to establish just values for real property; discussions about and explanations of value with taxpayers and preparation of single property assessment reviews for oral presentation in Value Adjustment Board public hearings, or legal challenges to value.  Reports to either the Residential Valuation Manager if stationed at the North County office and/or the Residential Valuation Supervisor if stationed at the South County office.


  • Collects, analyzes, interprets, and processes data
  • Assists with professional development and training of less experienced Appraisers as directed
  • Able to recognize and anticipate data or valuation problems and develop solutions
  • Conducts and ensures property inspections are completed in accordance with Florida Laws
  • Develops and utilizes regression analysis and other statistical models
  • Specifies and calibrates valuation models on a mass appraisal basis
  • Receives and makes telephone calls to taxpayers regarding concerns of property valuations
  • Determines just values based upon analysis of location, use, income, and other factors
  • Utilizes the three approaches to value
  • Able to develop adjustments from market data
  • Allocates values and makes adjustments for split or combined properties
  • Prepares and presents data and information to Value Adjustment Board as required
  • Other related duties as assigned


  • Associates degree with 5 or more years of related experience in mass or single property appraisals with CFE, State Certification, or Bachelor’s degree and 3 to 5 years of related Appraisal experience
  • Those employees hired without proper certifications must achieve them within specified periods of time
  • Varying combinations of education and experience will satisfy required minimums
  • All courses and certifications must be completed before promotion to the Senior or Management level
  • Must possess a valid Florida driver license


Appraisal Operations Director

This is general management work to direct and manage Appraisal operations conducting, managing, and administering appraisals of residential, commercial, and tangible personal property (TPP) in Sarasota County. Activities include management and oversight of research and analysis of available market data, collection of field data, discussions with taxpayers and verification and reconciliation of available data in order to indicate just values for properties and preparation of the Tax Roll for the Department of Revenue, as well as defense of Value Adjustment Board cases.


  • Responsible for providing direction and manages technical, administrative, and professional assistance and guidance for the Appraisal management teams of Commercial, Residential, and Tangible Personal Property (TPP)
  • Provides technical, administrative, and professional assistance and guidance to appraisers, supervisors and the Property Appraiser
  • Provides training and assistance to subordinate employees regarding appraisal practices and guidelines
  • Oversees and organizes projects and studies needed to secure information and correctly values property to prepare the County Tax Roll
  • Manages the development of appraisal models for the annual revaluation, including new multipliers, table updates, and monitoring the final calculations in the mass appraisal software
  • Participates in and/or supervises a variety of projects and assignments related to Tax Roll submission and tax exemptions
  • Develops report formats, assists in preparation and organizes defense of value appeals for VAB hearings
  • Responds to questions from public regarding valuation or statutory issues
  • Prepares presentations and attends VAB hearings regarding valuation appeals
  • Participates in the hiring process by partnering with direct reports for scheduling
  • Partners with Human Resources to handle elevated employee relations issues
  • Develops and recommends policy and procedure development or revisions
  • Provides defense of Tax Roll including legislation and regulatory activities and functions and advises Property Appraiser of results
  • Acts as expert witness for court appeals, meets with attorneys, and performs appraisals
  • Develops and communicates procedures and department operational processes
  • Evaluates performance of assigned personnel
  • Acts as a team leader to present issues to other management personnel including both long- and short-term strategic goals and objectives
  • Evaluates performance of subordinate Managers, Supervisors, and assigned personnel
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university with 2 or more years of related experience including finance and economics, and 2 years related single property and/or mass appraisal experience
  • CFE or State Certification
  • Varying combinations of education and experience will satisfy required minimums
  • Valid Florida driver license


Projects and Communications Coordinator

This position is responsible for the coordination, research, implementation, and completion of recurring and special projects for the agency as well as the day to day handling of communications for the agency. Provides support in various areas of the organization as needed (i.e., Customer Service, Tangible Personal Property, Value Adjustment Board, and Appraisal support). Reports to the Director of Human Resources.


  • Duties/tasks are frequently non-routine involving variety and complexity
  • Processes and distributes mail and other correspondence for agency
  • Directs incoming communications to appropriate departments as needed
  • Resolves most questions presented and problems and refers the most complex issues to higher levels
  • Researches and implements changes and improvements to agency forms, reference and training manuals, questionnaires, and other agency documents as needed
  • Influences and coordinates support from other staff (internal and external) to the agency to ensure successful project deliverables
  • Participates in the review of the strategic plan to achieve the organization’s short and long-term objectives
  • Plans and schedules project timelines, and tracks deliverables using appropriate tools
  • Constantly monitors and communicates on the progress of projects, including problems and solutions, to all stakeholders
  • Prioritizes tasks and projects to meet objectives, goals, and deadlines in a timely manner
  • Works simultaneously on various projects while providing support to various departments based on their seasonal needs
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Project management experience, demonstrating the successful management of projects within project scope, timeline, and budgets
  • 3+ years experience using technology to streamline processes and implement improvements
  • Degree from an accredited college/university in Business, Public Administration, Communications, preferred. Varying combinations of education and experience will satisfy required minimums. Year-for-year basis may substitute for the college degree
  • Valid Florida driver license


Part-time Positions

There are no part-time positions available at this time.