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Estimating Taxes

If you recently purchased a property, or are in the process of purchasing a property, do not presume that the taxes and the exemptions, caps and discounts of the previous owner will carry over to you. If the previous owner is found by this office to be ineligible for those benefits for the current tax year, the benefits and attendant tax savings will be removed, and the property will be taxed at full market value. If the previous owner was eligible as of January 1, the benefits will remain for the current tax year but will fall off for the subsequent year. 

As the new owner, we encourage you to learn about exemptions and discounts available for which you may qualify.   Exemptions would lower your taxable value, thereby reducing your property taxes.  The deadline to apply for exemptions and discounts is March 1. Application may be completed and submitted online at

Tax Estimator Tool

Visit  and use an exact parcel account number for greatest accuracy.