Tangible Account Extension Request Form

Filing Extension for Personal Property Tax Return Instructions

The deadline for filing your Tangible Personal Property Tax Return is April 1. If you are not able to meet the filing deadline, you may file a 30-day extension. All extension requests must be received by March 31st in order to be considered.

Filing extensions for existing accounts:

Online requests may be made for tangible accounts currently on our roll. In order to submit this request for an extension you will need the following items for each account:

  • The Tangible Account Number of the taxable entity as listed on the Sarasota County Property Appraiser's Roll
  • The complete name of the taxable entity
  • The "Doing Business As" (DBA) name, if different from the name of the taxable entity
  • The physical address (Situs Address)

Search tools are available in the online request form to assist in locating the tangible account information. Filing an extension request does not guarantee approval. We consider each request individually. If the filing extension is granted, you will be notified of such by this office.

Filing extensions for new accounts:

Application for filing extensions on new accounts is only accepted by email. The email must include: business name and DBA (if different), situs address and federal employer ID number. This email request must be sent to TPP@SC-PA.com. Please Note: All extension requests must be received by March 31st in order to be considered.
If you have questions or need assistance with the Online Extension Request, please contact our Tangible Personal Property Department at 941.861.8294.

This page is intended to expedite the filing for a 30 day extension request for tangible personal property account(s) located in Sarasota County. You will have an opportunity to review and edit the request prior to final submission.

Caution: You have not completed your request until you have clicked "Submit Extension Request" and received a numbered receipt for your request.

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