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TRIM notices mailed

Truth-in-Millage notices, commonly referred to as TRIM notices, were mailed to the address on file with the Property Appraiser on August 18, 2023.  The notices contain the valuation for the tax roll, which is the value on January 1, 2023, a summary of any tax exemptions, and the amount of taxes that would be due based on the proposed millage rates from the taxing bodies.  The actual tax bills will be mailed by the Tax Collector by November 1 and will use the final millage rates as determined in public hearings.

Copies of the notice are available online by searching for your property and using the blue "2023 TRIM" button near the top of the page.

Notices were mailed with a supplement that explains how to interpret the notice and other important information.

If you have any questions or concerns about your notice, use the email a department form or call 941-861-8200.  For the form, you will need to select a department and enter the account number shown on the top of the TRIM notice.

Subscribe to fraud alerts

Property and identity fraud are a nationwide problem.  By filing fake deeds, scammers appear to own property, and can fraudulently rent or sell the property without the knowledge of the true owner. Your Clerk and Comptroller, Karen E. Rushing, offers tools to help you protect yourself, and issues alerts about schemes where impersonators act like Clerk or Comptroller employees in an attempt to defraud citizens.  By signing up for the Clerk and Comptroller’s Property Fraud Alert Service, you will receive an email whenever a document is recorded in Sarasota County using your personal or business name. Notifications are sent within 48 hours of the document being recorded, alerting you so you can look up the documents through public records, or dispute through law enforcement. Registration is simple and free. 

Notice of recertification

Pursuant to Section 193.122 Florida Statutes, Bill Furst, Property Appraiser of Sarasota County, hereby gives notice that the 2022 Real Property and Tangible Personal Property Assessment Rolls for Sarasota County were re-certified to the Tax Collector on the 18th day of May, 2023

Link to notice

Tax refunds due to Hurricanes Ian or Nicole

A homeowner may be eligible for a partial refund of 2022 property taxes if a residential improvement was rendered uninhabitable for at least 30 days due to Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole.  For a complete guide to the process and eligibility, see The Florida Homeowner's Guide published by the Department of Revenue.

After reviewing the guide to see if you are eligible, complete the application form and return to our office on or before April 3, 2023.  You can return the form in person or via email to


North Port hours expanded

The North Port office, located in City Hall, is now open 5 days a week from 8:30-5:00 to better serve you.

Damage from Hurricane Ian?

If your property was destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Ian, please use our damage reporting form to let us know.

The Florida Department of Revenue has issued a Homeowner's Guide for Hurricane Ian that contains answers to many commonly asked questions about property taxes and impacts to value.

If you will be displaced for a long period of time and wish to change your mailing address to ensure receipt of important tax related mailings, please submit a change of address request

Notice of Certification 2022

Pursuant to Section 193.122 Florida Statutes, Bill Furst, Property Appraiser of Sarasota County, hereby gives notice that the 2022 Real Property and Tangible Personal Property Assessment Rolls for Sarasota County were certified to the Tax Collector on the 11th day of October, 2022 for the collection of taxes.

Copy of legal notice of certification

Informational Guides available

The Florida Department of Revenue has published informational guides for property owners.  The Florida Constitution and Statutes define the roles and authority for the various entities involved in Florida’s property tax system. Find out more at these links:

Florida's Property Tax System

Important Dates in Property Tax Cycle

Homeowner's guide to Millage

2022 TRIM Informational Supplement

The 2022 TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notices have been mailed to property owners of Sarasota County in August. Included with the annual TRIM Notice is the 2022 TRIM informational supplement from Bill Furst, Sarasota County Property Appraiser.


Account flagged?

Did you receive a notice that your account was flagged due to a change of address with the US Postal Service?

Click here for an explanation of what this means and how to fix it.