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Non-Ad Valorem & Special Assessment Districts

The Truth-in-Millage Notice (TRIM Notice) our office mails out every August contains proposed property taxes (ad valorem taxes) and proposed or adopted non-ad valorem assessments.  Non-ad valorem assessments are not based on property value. Instead, they are based on a unit of measure determined by each levying authority. The assessment periods vary and may not be based on the calendar year. Examples of non-ad valorem assessments include: fire and rescue, solid waste, navigable waterways, and stormwater utility collections.

In Sarasota County, not all non-ad valorem or special assessment districts choose to use the TRIM Notice. Therefore, additional non-ad valorem assessments may appear on your tax bill. For questions about non-ad valorem and special assessments, contact each individual levying authority.

Contact information for the TRIM Notice can be found below.

SARASOTA COUNTY                  

Fire District                                                     (941)861-5000             

Solid Waste Service                                       (941)861-6758             

Water/Sewer                                                  (941)861-6762             

Beach Restoration                                         (941)861-5000             

Lighting/Public Improvement                      (941)861-0927             

Navigable Waterways                                   (941)402-3826             

Stormwater Environmental Utility               (941)861-5000             



Glen Oaks State Privacy Wall                       (941)263-6416             

47 N Adams Parking Garage                        (941)263-6416             


CITY OF NORTH PORT                

North Port Fire & Rescue                              (941)240-8150             

North Port Solid Waste                                 (941)240-8074             

North Port Road/Drainage &

Capital Roads                                                 (941)240-8087             



LBK Underground Utilities                           (866)807-6864             



Englewood Area Fire Control                       (941)474-3311             

Englewood Water District                             (941)460-1022             

Holiday Park and Recreation                        (941)426-1585             

Tri Par Estates and Recreation                     (941)355-8747             

West Villages ID                                             (877)737-4922             



Blackburn Creek CDD                                   (407)723-5900             

Bobcat Trail CDD                                           (954)603-0034             

Central Parc CDD                                          (941)244-2805             

Gracewater Sarasota CDD                            (877)276-0889             

Lakeside Plantation CDD                              (407)841-5524             

Lakes of Sarasota CDD                                 (877)276-0889             

LT Ranch CDD                                                (954)658-4900             

LWR Stewardship District                             (407)723-5900             

Myakka Ranch CDD                                       (407)723-5900             

Sarasota National CDD                                 (877)276-0889             

Stoneybrook at Venice CDD                         (321)263-0132             

The Woodlands CDD                                     (954)603-0034             

Toscana Isles CDD                                         (877)276-0889             

Venetian CDD                                                (813)933-5571             

Windward at LWR CDD                                 (877)276-0889             


PACE PROGRAMS             

PACE - FL Green Finance Authority

            [Renew Financial]                              (561) 630-4922            

PACE - Ygrene [Green Corridor]                   (951)587-3500             

PACE - FL PACE Funding Agency                  (850)400-7223             

PACE - FL Resiliency & Energy District         (888)338-3578